Come on in friend, I’ve created this space to share with you all the things I like to talk about. This is the space where my heart message merges with the lives of women I truly desire to connect with.

Through the years of navigating her Christian faith journey as a single mother going to college, advancing her career while becoming debt free, and now as a married mom to four girls, Cassie has found that frank humor and candid conversations in the crazy of our shenanigans are the best remedies to shake off the guilt, shame and overwhelm of life. 


This is why…

I love to speak on topics that help women become free from feeling unworthy and discouraged from their long journey of trying so hard and the surplus of messes that have come between their heart and money mistakes. My hope is that I leave her with practical tools and insight that inspires and encourages the warrior within so that she knows when to rest at the feet of Jesus and when to keep up the fight. 


Because the story God is writing through her, matters. 

With vivid storytelling, Cassie’s warm-hearted and truth-telling delivery encourages the woman who wants to do big things for Jesus but finds herself discouraged from her long journey of trying so hard and the surplus of messes that have come between her heart and God’s. 


Some of my favorite things to chat it up about: 

Owning Your Worth as a Christian Woman 

Practical Steps to Prepare and Empower the Warrior Within 

Marriage and Money; Merging Incomes

The Hard Truth About Getting on Board with God’s Will for Your Life

The Power of Faithfully Loving Jesus 

Walking Closer to God through Obedient Living

Activating the Promises of God

Single Mom: You’re Not a Mess – You’re a Masterpiece


I know the time and hard work it takes to set up an event. It’s important to me that you know what you can expect from me if given the opportunity to be your next guest speaker.

1. Honest and humble effort to serve you and your audience needs through the entire process together.

2. Clear communication, timely response and full engagement both during the planning process and the event. 

3. A professional presentation prepared and delivered to meet your objectives while also meeting the unique needs of your guests.

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