Below are some of my favorite and most helpful resources that have helped me in cleaning up a variety of messes. Take a look and find peace knowing you are not alone.

Because the single mom’s heart is so very important to me..

The Single Mom Heart

In progress..

Because I struggled with my finances for far too long..

Single Mom & Finances

  • Dave Ramsey – Dave’s Financial Peace University was THE best thing, aside from being debt free, that happened to my family’s finances. If you are not debt free already and would like to know more about how you could be, I  recommend taking a deep breathe, have a glass of wine or two and take a gander…
  • Everydollar – Yes. I’m suggesting a budgeting tool as one of my most favorite financial resources. An AH-MAZING budgeting tool for those type-b personalities, like myself.  Sorry, if you love your spreadsheet (type-a’s) and no, sadly this is not a notepad for you pretend budgeters.  This budgeting tool is, knock your socks off the dryer — WONDERFUL!!
  • Generation Change – If you haven’t noticed already, I like Dave’s approach. So it is only fitting I would recommend a course for your teen or pre-teen depending on maturity level, by his daughter, Rachel Cruze. We did this program in 8th grade. It was great and served as another resource, in the home, to help our daughter navigate financial decisions.

Because the heart of the home should have some order..

Family & Behavior

  • Action Plan – I have made several of these at different stages of parenting. Printed out and posted up in a visible location. An action plan breaks down the expectations, the problem(s) and solutions/consequences.


  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – as a recovering unorganized, emotional hoarder, at all ages of adolescence and even in my early 20’s my mother did a beautiful job of gently working with me to be an organized person. This was a struggle for me. I am happy to say through the years this has been a mess I have mastered. If you are like me or just feel the need to tidy up a bit, this is a great read.
  • Pinterest – need I say more….

This month (and last months) Reading…

  • Business Boutique   —  A great read for anyone who is ready to launch or is the in the beginning stages of launching their dream.
  • The Lucky Few  — What a beautiful adventure told through the lens of a mom who adopted 3 children, two of which have Down Syndrome. I read this in 3 days!