You’ve got ambitious places you’re trying to go but that money game’s in your way.

Let’s kick your budget in the face –



I’ve been where you are.

I’ve doubled up on minimum credit card payments, dropped more than a few hot dollars and a prayer in the offering plate all in the name of trying to get ahead.

I’ve worked way too many long hours to make as much as I could, and stayed up way too many late nights losing sleep over which bill should be paid first all while robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Then it hit me. I cracked the hard code to my money issues so I could tackle what seemed like the impossible. I set firm boundaries, started budgeting with intention, kept a solid watch on every dollar that left my account, and paid off over $50,000 in a little over 3 years all while making less than $45K a year.

And then, step by step, with blurred vision and short-term clarity (and my family’s support) I began to build out the vision God placed on my heart.

A Certified

Money Gal

In a world of get up and go, pressures coming at you left and right, and those dreamy money moves getting further and further away…

As a Certified money gal bringing life experiences plus years of coaching, consulting, and corporate strategies, I set out to make sure your money game is headed in the direction of your goals. 

Want to know how your experience and money story fits into this equation?

Workshops and Coaching

I’m offering half-day and full-day workshops and monthly coaching spots

It’s important to know..

    • Coaching and workshops are by application only
    • Fees start at $497 

Your Money Story Accelerated

The building block to your financial success

During your 3-hour Money Accelerated Private-Session, you’ll walk away with:


A solid plan that kicks budget in the face and helps you to take control of where your money goes.


Strategies and best practices + practical (no spreadsheet) tools to help you gain confidence in creating new money habits


Checklist with actionable steps toward a fully funded emergency fund, debt-free deadline + on your way to 3-6 months of savings (BOO-YA)


Ideas to maximize your disposable income so you can build out that extraordinary story rather than living that paycheck-to-paycheck life


Insight to those crazy voices yanking your string and holding you up from championing your biggest money win yet


A new love for saving (yes, it’s happened before) and investing because YOU will have faced your fears, and that comes with a new hope and a new spending strategy


A new friendship (wink-wink) with someone who believes in your wildest EXTRAordinary dreams and helps create a clear financial path for you to walk out.

Take it to the next level

Profit First Set Up

For the mompreneur ready to get organized

Profit First Set up includes:


A solid understanding of the “basic method” of the Profit First Model


Walk through the process of accounts, how many you need and how to get it done


Implementing the 10/25 rule


Formula to have 3-6 months of expenses in savings


Less financial overwhelm and wondering if you have enough in the bank to cover business expenses


Know The Profit First percentages and how they relate to your business


A customized growth path (code for shoot to the moon) that lays out a clear sales strategy to meet the needs of your growing business.

Time to tell your money where to go with a fancy-shmancy plan designed to be as ambitious as you.


Together we will strengthen your money game so you will...

make bold money moves for Jesus

build biblical wealth instead of grow debt

tap into your God-given potential

make decisions that positively impact your financial growth

own your true worth

I’ve combined more than seven years experience as an educational counselor in an aggressive, high-end corporate sales job + single mom hustle and debt free story + building my bizministry, with my passion for women, their finances, and their desire to grow in both their personal life and business.

Coming Soon

+ + +

Planning for Success

A small co-hort of like-minded women working together to move forward in their financial goals.

Cassie Rajewich inside with a phone

If you have been:

  • Waiting but not planning 
  • Hoping but not strategizing 
  • Spending and not saving 
  • Racking up debt and not paying it off..
  • Waiting to birth your dream from the heart to the delivery room

Then I would personally love to extend an invitation for you to take a 3 month journey, along side a small and like-minded group of ambitious women through what I’m calling a

Five-Year Financial Goal-Setting Game Plan.

We Will


Assess your financial situation


Create a budget that will carry you through a 5-year plan and beyond


Identify growth opportunities


Create decrees and declarations based on your money personality


Put your desires into action


Create a roadmap to keep you focused and direct your steps


Take the vision, and write it down so you can run with it