Hi, I’m Cassie

I teach Christian women go-getters how to make friends with their finances so they can own their worth and live out their bravest stories. Because your story matters.

Welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet.

Hi, I’m Cassie

I teach Christian women go-getters how to make friends with their finances so they can own their worth and live out their bravest stories. Because your story matters.

Welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet.

Christan woman, go-getter, creative visionary, and wealth builder… I see you.

You’ve been able to create and build and grow in every direction but when it comes to paying off debt and growing your wealth — you’re stuck. You’re exhausted, discouraged and overwhelmed at trying to make it happen every month.

It’s time to get your money game in order.

And that’s why you’re here.

Are you ready to transform from the inside out with a surefire strategy that unleashes the untapped potential God created you for?

Let’s go!

What you can expect.

Diagnosed as an Enneagram 8 – I am an advancer, challenging others to blaze the trails of their own journey.  

I make bold statements and for this reason, I’ve learned to be — unapologetically imperfect. 

Crunching numbers and helping women see their financial potential is my superpower.

For dibs on the more serious side of my journey and what led me to you…


At some point, we have to move past the trauma. We must understand that what happened to us can move through us like a storm that passes. Through hard questions,, strategizing and a plan that created actionable steps this is what Cassie helped me realize—that the storm is over and although the tornado ripped my home apart, I can look around to see what is not destroyed and use that — to rebuild. She taught me that surrendering the processed pain in no way negates or devalues the pain, but empowers The Promise, God’s promise to give me and my children a new hope and future.

Working with Cassie is rebuilding me, brick by brick and bringing me back to the passions and promises placed deep within.

– Korsha Palmer, marketing strategist 


Are you a Christian woman trying to build wealth? 

Maybe you don’t even see it as wealth yet. You might just be a Christian woman trying to gain control of a situation you’re tired of. Tired of going around the money mountain. You probably think you need to make more money. And you’re probably right.

But what if I told you most of my clients don’t need to make more money – at least not right now – they need to begin the process of making strategic decisions that begins a new chapter of telling their money exactly where to go. 

I see it every time. There is an honorable reaction from God when we choose to honor the finances we have, get out of debt and place our finances in the path he has willed for us.

Because he has called us to freedom. In every area of our life.


tools to move you forward

As a big picture gal, you dream big. And somedays you wonder if you have what it takes to make those audacious plans a reality, especially on days when your past money mistakes are working overtime at convincing you you might not have what it takes. 

The truth is, sis, this money struggle you got is probably not all your fault. No one has ever really taught you how to manage your finances + run a business, while living in the real world. You always thought you would figure it out, (and you’ve come along way) but here you are, still trying to catch up. 

I’m here to tell you, you’re not a second too late. You’re right on time. 

Your messes are okay. You are okay. You are not a failure. 

"When I first met Cassie Rajewich, I immediately noticed her hunger to learn and grow. Having already experienced a wealth of life experience, she wanted to intentionally solicit the wisdom and feedback of a coach to help her leverage those experiences for the greatest possible good. In the years since that first meeting, I’ve had the privilege of coaching Cassie in a variety of settings, and have seen that same approachability and desire to learn over and over again. In my experience, that is at the heart of every great leader. And Cassie is no exception."

Michele Cushatt

"Where others may slap some Jesus onto a secular program (so it qualifies as "Christian"), Cassie's entire approach is deeply spiritual. Step-by-step, she helps women stop wandering in their financial desert so they can live out their God-given legacy."

Cheri Gregory

"It is a beautiful and rare thing when someone can combine compassion, accountability, and strategy into their coaching, but Cassie Rajewich is just that person. I love to watch Cassie work with people to help them get the results that they thought they could never get on their own, by instinctively knowing what her client needs at that exact moment. I know I’ve found a great coach when she is as invested and excited about my progress as I am."

Kathi Lipp | Best-selling author and founder of Writing at the Red House

"Talking to Cassie is like talking with your best friend. She is there with a keen listening ear. She is empathetic and sensitive to your needs. She encourages and motivates you, building you up and pulling you out of your hard times. Cassie helps you find the tools you need in order to transform yourself and remember that you are worthy and you matter!"

Leah Nelson | Teacher and mom of two sweet boys

"Hiring Cassie to be my financial coach is the best investment I’ve made in myself. Her humor lessons the pain of growth, and her gentle accountability is exactly what I needed to set and achieve goals. I have hope for my financial future and for the first time in my life, I have hope of retirement. I went from living paycheck to paycheck to finally having money saved and peace of mind. I am in the best financial situation that I have ever been from working with her. She genuinely cares and her authenticity allows me to communicate anything to her so that I can learn better ways to go about financial life."

Lacey Parker | founder of Helping Hands

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