Let’s work together

You got places you’re trying to go but that money game’s in your way.

Sometimes all we need is a good friend to come along beside us for that extra pick-me up. That get-up-and-go girl kinda push to get us through the hump or over the mountain.

Time to tell your money where to go with a fancy-shmancy plan designed to be as ambitious as you.
In a world of get up and go, pressures coming at you left and right, and those dreamy money moves getting further and further away…

As a Certified money gal bringing life experiences (basically compassion and humility to serve you) and years of coaching and corporate strategies, I set out to make sure your money game is headed in the direction of your goals. 

“Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him.”

~ C. S. Lewis

Whether it’s your personal or business finances, gaining momentum in your sales strategy, or narrowing down your WHY with your passion in ministry or business, one on one coaching is a simple effective approach for you to reach your goals. 

Because I know how much you want to win, this is what I promise (with your help of course) to deliver: 


Simple and practical cash flow (fancy word for finding that extra cash!) strategies that tell your money where to go


Practical (no spreadsheet) tools to help you gain confidence in creating new money habits


A fully funded emergency fund and on your way to 3-6 months savings (BOO-YA)


Disposable income you can build with rather than living that paycheck to paycheck life


Insight to those crazy voices yanking your string and holding you up from championing your biggest win yet


A new love for saving (yes, it’s happened before) and investing because, my friend, YOU will have hope and a spending strategy


A customized growth path (code for shoot to the moon) laying out a clear sales strategy that meets the needs of your growing business.


A new friendship (wink-wink) with someone who believes in your wildest dreams and helps create a clear path for you to walk it out.


Together we will strengthen your money game so you will...

make bold money moves for Jesus

build biblical wealth instead of grow debt

tap into your God-given potential

make decisions that positively impact your financial growth

own your true worth

I’ve combined over five years experience as an educational counselor in an aggressive, high-end corporate sales job + single mom hustle and debt free story + building my bizministry, with my passion for women, their finances, and their desire to grow in both their personal life and business.

Back to the Basics Workshop

Do a brave thing and get your girls together to talk money goals, set up a handy-dandy budget plan, and reframe and reset the topic of owning your worth, mama!. 

We’ll lay out a super easy strategy that helps you turn your sinking money pit around, pay off your debt and establish new money habits that creates a path for reclaiming your story. 

But don’t worry, this is a shame free space, where we’ll embrace the messy and have fun celebrating your current and future opportunities, while also taking the time to dream! 

I believe in the story God is writing in your heart and I imagine you boldly and courageously living it out.

I believe in your ability to get organized, win with your money and set the necessary boundaries that tell others you’re serious about this one life.

I imagine you finishing the race and being the stepping stone in the generations to follow, because you were brave enough to face your fears, root them out and begin taking hold of your future.

I believe in you.



Sis, let’s get you shaking off the shame, overwhelm and fear of eating canned beans for the next year or two. 

So you can…

Enjoy some peace, stress less and eat what you want (toss some shopping in there too!) while turning your money story around.

Need a DIY approach at the moment?

I get it! You have to start somewhere. Download the free resources, follow the steps and com eback here when you’re ready to work one-on-one. I’ll be here when you need me.