What every busy and ambitious Christian woman needs to know about living out her legacy and leveraging her income

You did it! Your insatiable desire to live this one life has got you pretty freakin far and it’s allowed you to rock it in so many directions.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Your story has been really hard and even kinda crappy, at times. 

Your search for more peace and stability is a heck of a responsibility, and yet you can’t slow down for a dadgum second to find it.

But here’s the thing, nobody fully knows you’ve actually been drowning. The intense pressure of achievement and regrets are costing you. 

And even in all this, you’ve learned to survive the worst, and built some pretty savvy skills along the way. 

What if you could use these skills (and some new ones)  to forge a stronger path instead of just hanging on by a thread?


It takes more than doubling up on minimum credit card payments and a hot prayer dropped in the offering plate to get ahead these days

Because as much as you’ve accomplished, there’s still something missing. 

Your money story is messier than you’d like. 

Too often you wonder if you have what it takes to make your big dreams a reality…

The state of your finances has left you overwhelmed and seriously second guessing yourself. 

And that’s OK, it just means you have a deep desire to grow and do better. 

This is where my story aligns with yours and I get to confidently assure you — You’re exactly where you need to be. 

For too many years, I thought a fancy degree, a career making the big bucks and time would help turn my money ship around.. 

But by the age of 30 I had accumulated $100K of my own debt. 

I was working in corporate America, selling other peoples dreams to them in the form of higher education and yet, I couldn’t imagine doing really incredible things for myself or my family. 

My ability to forge a new creative path was shot as I spent more time chasing past decisions while fear told me I simply couldn’t hope for better.  

But I didn’t stay there long. I paid off that debt, managed to get my stuff together, and started a business helping other women like myself – get there stuff together. 

And I have an insatiable desire to lend a hand to launch you forward. 

As a Certified Financial Counselor and Sales Strategist, I use my degree in communications and marketing, background in high-pressure sales, my love for women and their drive to get their money right, to help them

overcome the overwhelm and pressures of life and business. 

have a seat

Catch the back story…

I’m the youngest child to brave parents who pioneered the trending path of homeschooling in the early 80’s – Yep, I’m that kid…

With school from home, I was free to be inspired by the possibilities that only an imagination from childhood could deliver. As early as I can recall, I was braving excursions and fighting cowboys and Indians on the wild frontiers of our land.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always leave room to lead wild adventures or foster the creativity that’s built inside us. Through the years, and life experiences, I would find myself getting lost in the lives of people I thought seemed more appealing, more with it, more cool.

And before I knew it I was struggling to find my identity and purpose.

Thankful for the years of inspired imaginary play, there was one trait I couldn’t easily forgo. 

This fierce desire to pioneer. It never left me. 

I’ve heard it said that if we look back to what we loved, who we were and what we did, as kids, there’s hints of our future passions tucked inside the story — and that becomes the path that forged the way to who we are.

That path and my youth-filled appetite for adventure landed me in some pretty crappy messes that would take me through 10 years of teaching me more about money, relationships and Jesus, than the 23 years leading up.

The biggest hero in my story is definitely Jesus. He used divorce, bankruptcy and a sweet baby girl, along with plenty of praying mamas and grandmas to fuel me out of my darkest funk.

That fuel helped me kick things into serious gear. Afraid of losing myself again to people, dumb choices, or mediocre living, I went into overdrive taking on every challenge and opportunity that came my way. College, internships, sales competitions, career, raising my sweet girl, and lots of debt. Lots of debt, again. 

Eventually, with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Marketing, I landed in Vegas (with all extra debt) working for a Fortune 500 company selling higher education. I ended my corporate career in sales as an Admissions Specialist enrolling students into $90K college degrees at The Art Institute of Las Vegas. 

I made thousands of phone calls and enrolled hundreds of students over a five year span. Most of the students I helped create a plan toward earning their degree were women. During that time, I listened to woman after woman tell me her dreams, her biggest fears, and what she hoped her life would look like after her degree was earned. Not just for herself but for her family, too. 

And then, I enrolled her into debt, when a big part of me knew many of these women were a lot like me. Lost in a busy world, with a dream and a family just trying to get ahead.  


What if I could help them in other areas of life
and leave selling debt and degrees to someone else?

Simultaneously, I was beginning my own discovery journey. Leaning into my debt story, how I landed in the messes I was in, and learning new skills that taught me how to leverage my income so that I could begin building wealth rather than growing debt. 

And this is when the wheels began to turn…

How were these women going to get ahead with $90k of debt + whatever debt they went in with + accumulated along the way? How were they going to get ahead, make bold money moves while a fog of finances lingered?

Wouldn’t that mean they would have to be out there making a large enough income that would pay off their $90k student loans + interest + car payments + mortgage + bills + credit cards?

At what point do they get to start building? Where’s the momentum to leverage income?

And this is why I started my business.

At 34, I firmly believed there was a better way for us to live out this one life as women. As much as debt can serve a purpose in the right place and right time…

There was plenty of room in the money market to help the debt pendulum swing. I was confident there was plenty of room for women and their families to turn the trajectory of their money story and create a financial legacy that left lasting impressions on generations to come. 

A decade later, I’ve found my groove, added three more littles to our growing family, served single moms through my writing and coaching, and continued to partner with women and their desire to advance in their finances. 

I guess you could say this thing has settled into my bones. I’ve got a deep desire to journey big together. Whatever travels you wish to embark on, I desperately want to see you get there. 


Are you ready to live with less overwhelm, make friends with your finances and live out your bravest story? 

Let’s go friend,


Mr Daniel Rajewich

He’s an Enneagram 5 and I am an 8. His analytical mind and deep dive into heavy discussions pairs well with my drive and ambition. Basically, we tackle this one life hard – together. When we first met his good friend told my best friend, “I think he finally met his match”. I challenge him out of his comfort and convenience while he slows me down with calculated and intentional moments. 

Our four girls

Not much else has taught me to love like Jesus like raising these four girls. With each one I learn more and more, they do not belong to me, I am raising them for Jesus.

A good story

There is a good story being written in the life of every person, by the first story-teller of all, God himself. And I love discovering the thread He has woven in the masterpiece he is creating. 


Horse Riding

There’s few adventures as sweet as saddling up a horse and heading out to nowhere. 

I could bottle up that horse smell and sit with it for eternity. 

My kitchen

With three little girls running under my feet and free ranging through the home (and one big one in and out), the kitchen is a constant place we gather for comfort and recharge. With extra helpings of homemade biscuits and gravy, chicken and dumplings and my mama’s southern version of chicken enchiladas — this is where I get to love on my family. This is where we come together.  


The beach

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would land in Southern California, but here we sit, living the dream of raising wild and free littles right in the middle of traffic, freeways, and city lights. But the beach…when I get to it, soothes my soul and reminds me to get back to basic and simple. 


The Proust Questionnaire

What do you most value in your friends?

Raw honesty and humor

What bugs your family most about you?

I’m afraid to ask, but probably my constant use of opportunities to teach 

Which talent would you most like to have?

Piano, baby!

Go-to music playlist?

A mix of good ole country

Greatest achievement?

My babies and my yes to Jesus

Wine or beer?

Def a cold beer on tap – kinda gal

What is your greatest fear?

Life would hit (too hard) those I love deeply and they would fall off the Jesus wagon or never get on.

What is your motto?

Do it again! Do it better!

On what occasion do you lie?

When I know I’m going to disappoint you really really bad.

Current Netflix Binge

Mosquito Coast

Faith is choosing the anchor of your focus.
It’s about turning your eyes away from the questions that lead to fear,
and instead locking eyes with the one who knows the answers.

Things we live by

Our Core Values

Serve with humility

Listen intently 

Lead with integrity 

Win slow and steady

Find the funny 

Embrace the mess