Disciple. Wild & Free Mama.

Speaker. Writer. Launch Partner.

Certified Money Gal.

Hi. I’m Cassie.

I’m a deep thinker who more than occasionally forgets her filter.

When I’m not deep in thought to change the world…

I help women fuel their faith and find their ambition so they can get unstuck, gain the spiritual authority needed to carry out their God-given assignments and – live out their bravest story. 

I’ve also been known to passionately lead launches and bring order to financial chaos. 

Braving my own story has taught me…

There’s a whole bunch of crazy out there and without the sanctifying blood, I too, am one of the many, that bloodlines aren’t made Holy solely through therapy alone, and righteousness comes at a cost. Obedience is not only necessary but essential and mandatory to take out the giants in the land. The workers are few because many in the Body of Christ are broken. And inner healing and deliverance are key to sending workers out into the harvest field and bringing them back home. 

What I’ve realized

Through disappointments, too-soon goodbyes, a plethora of pain, and moments of loss, many of us have lost touch with the truth that we serve The LIVING almighty God, author of the best stories and bravest heroes. I believe, for you and I to experience an impossible adventure, we’ve got to trust the uncomfortable and welcome the inconvenient.

Somewhere in here, they say I’m supposed to tell you what qualifies me to do what I do and be who I am…

After walking away from a calling on my life that felt too burdensome and weighty, I worked my way through single motherhood while earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Marketing and somehow managed to receive an award for the top twenty-five at the National Collegiate Sales Competition in GA. In corporate sales, I was the only single mom on a team of 50 at a Fortune 500 company where I ranked as the top fifteen reps in the region (which consisted of seven states). My drive and ambition didn’t slow there and by the grace of God, I married my amazing husband, blended a small family, fought hard to have three more babies in my late 30s, started a blog and support group for single moms, became a certified financial coach and coached women in finances, and maintained a four-year internship working for a best selling Christian author and speaker where I learned how to launch a bunch of things.

While I do not find any of this to be near as noteworthy as the sanctifying work God has done in my life during all these moments and within the four walls of my home, I understand it demonstrates credibility, and heck, He kinda used it all to birth this vision + wisdom I’m stepping into.


Mr Daniel Rajewich

He’s an Enneagram 5 and I am an 8. His analytical mind and deep dive into heavy discussions pairs well with my drive and ambition. Basically, we tackle this one life hard – together. When we first met his good friend told my best friend, “I think he finally met his match”. I challenge him out of his comfort and convenience while he slows me down with calculated and intentional moments. 

My kitchen

With three little girls running under my feet and free ranging through the home (and one big one in and out), the kitchen is a constant place we gather for comfort and recharge. With extra helpings of homemade biscuits and gravy, chicken and dumplings and my mama’s southern version of chicken enchiladas — this is where I get to love on my family. This is where we come together.  


Our four girls

Not much else has taught me to love like Jesus like raising these four girls. With each one I learn more and more, they do not belong to me, I am raising them for Jesus.

Horse Riding

There’s few adventures as sweet as saddling up a horse and heading out to nowhere. I could bottle up that horse smell and sit with it for eternity. 

A good story

There is a good story being written in the life of every person, by the first story-teller of all, God himself. And I love discovering the thread He has woven in the masterpiece he is creating. 


The beach

When I get to it, soothes my soul and reminds me to get back to basic and simple. 


The Questionnaire I’m shamelessly sharing…

1. Words and phrases I most overuse:

like, and then she was like, and I was like…

2. One of my many regrets:

failing that stupid equestrian science class back in 1998.

3. Wine or beer

ipa for the win!

4. Coffee or Tea

coffee, all day – err day!

5. Someday I want to:

train my own horse

6. My biggest fear

the people I most love will stop doing the hard things. 

7. One thing I love most about my life:

i’ve received a ridiculous amount of second chances. “Cause the good Lord knew I would need them.”

8. One of the scariest things I’ve done:

drove the getaway car for that beer run back in ‘99

9. My three biggest struggles in life (most days):

exercising + updating the budget (yes, it’s true) + parenting 

10. Something I’m most proud of:

besides the hard work of picking up my cross, it’s being a mama. 

Faith is choosing the anchor of your focus.
It’s about turning your eyes away from the questions that lead to fear,
and instead locking eyes with the one who knows the answers.

I find hope in…

The Living Resurrected King. 


Reconciliation is had 

Deliverance and inner healing are real

Redemption is experienced

Power and presence are not separate 

Sanctification is processed through moments in time