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I love the messiness of this crazy and wild adventure called life. It’s what I lean into and find myself driven to help clean up and fight through. I am solution-based and as much as I love the messes in all our lives, I know they are not easy. From a place of disappointment and debt to increasing my income and restructuring my life, as a single mom for ten years, I worked hard to create a life worth living.

And that is why I am here.

I want to do the same with you. I want to listen to your heart, hear your story, and walk beside you as we conquer our messy lives together. I want to see you and other single moms live a life worth living. 

The journey that led me to you today began with my very own lovely mess. One that included a beautiful and precious baby girl at the young age of twenty-two, divorce and the loss of a family unit, welfare, bankruptcy of $50K debt and debt again that I finally learned to pay off dollar by dollar, earning a college degree and lastly, earning my own income and understanding my purpose.

I’ve found that the climb uphill out of my mess was harder than the fall. Seems going through this life without a plan will land you in some pretty painful and rough terrain. I’ve also learned it takes guts and true grit to get up and dream big when you’re on, what feels like, and may just be — rock bottom.

And I know first hand, my friend, that juggling two jobs, a toddler, college, and the never-ending welfare office of appointments doesn’t end there. As a single mom, you are also wrestling with the fear of failure and feel the anxiety that you just might not have it in you to reach the vision you set out to accomplish.

I’m here to tell you that you do.

You are uniquely made with your own passion and drive to succeed. It is my desire to come alongside you, be your support, and help you see your vision more clearly. Because I started at rock bottom and climbed my way up the mountain of life, I’m able to meet you just where you are today.

As a Lifestyle Strategist and a Certified Financial Coach, together, we will create a custom plan for you that is tailored to your personal style, growth, and achievement and set goals to help you live a physically, emotionally, and financially healthy lifestyle in order to achieve your dreams.

Through my blog I hope to show you my journey, what I’ve learned along the way, and my current struggles. I look forward to hearing from you, learning about your story, and walking this journey together.


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