Series 1 Ep. 4 Conversations with My Dad: Reflections on a Forty Year Journey

March 25, 2024

In this fourth and final episode of this series, we take a candid tour of what we’ve discussed so far and attempt to bring this forty-year journey full circle. We found our main focus – a deep dive into the generation of the Jesus movement + their children, and those who stayed in church attendance and those who didn’t.

My biggest questions, which took a bit for me to process.

1) What happened to so many of us?

2) Why did so many of us land in the world and what role has apathy and idols played in it?

Check out this final episode of this series and the main problem to those questions – DISCIPLESHIP – and how it (or the lack of it) has impacted our faith journey.

In this hour-long podcast, we also touch on:

➡️ How the traditions of men have highjacked the ministry of the Holy Spirt in the American Church

➡️ Where do we go to be discipled?

➡️ If hunger and thirst are the beginning of getting discipled, why don’t some of us have that?

➡️ How we are at God’s mercy to flip the switch back on when we have walked away

➡️ When retirement takes place as a follower of Jesus

➡️ The role of ridding ourselves of things of the flesh and how inner healing, deliverance and self-deliverance can help in that

➡️ What makes up a false church?

➡️ God’s call for communion over community and how can we have both?

➡️ Have we settled for a boring God?

Key Bible verses:

Mathew 5:6
2 Timothy 2:20-21
1 John 5:21

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