Series 1 Ep. 3 Conversations with My Dad: Reflections on a Forty Year Journey

March 18, 2024


Welcome to episode 3 – It is by far the hardest conversation of them all and where we bring this story full circle from the start.

In this episode, my dad and I take you from the last conversation on apathy and direct us toward idols. We talk about the idols within our own hearts (and flesh) and how we (as followers of Christ) are called to rid ourselves of such things.

Listen in as we drop tidbits on:

  • Sin in the camp and how God is calling this generation to get cleaned up so he can bring them in closer
  • Prophetic words that came to pass over the years.
  • How a miracle led my dad to brokenness
  • How I was able to gain my dad back through losing something significant to us all.
  • The Gideon Mantle and how as a family one (or more) are usually called to change the trajectory but who will step up to the assignment?

Key verses we cover:
1 Samuel  15:23, Jeremiah 44:15, Colossians 3 verses 5 – 8, 2Timothy 2:20-21

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