November 2, 2022

Prophetic Woman Called to Entrepreneurship: Three Types of Christian Women Leading & What You Need to Know Before Diving In

As a Christian prophetic woman called to entrepreneurship, your spiritual and business mentors matter.

So, it would seem, understanding the positioning, and strengths, of future women you choose to walk with + the women to lead you + the women to speak into your business/ministry, should be a central focus.

Like most things, growing your business/ministry while developing your prophetic voice and gifts takes patience, time, and careful cultivation. At some point along your journey, it becomes essential to reach out to those who are excelling where you’re stuck.

I am certain God has prepared the women who will help you understand and overcome specific areas within your personal, professional, and spiritual walk. As a prophetic woman in business, in essence, you’re learning two businesses: the earthly, practical steps of day-to-day business operations and how the supernatural Kingdom operates within the context of your business/ministry + mandate.

I am confident there are a million different opinions of the different women leading women. I want to place focus on three types I’ve personally experienced. In my humble opinion, it is what I know to be true at this stage of my journey and I’ve detailed them for you below.

The Business Savvy, Practical Steps and Systems Woman. 

Her strengths: This woman is a leader in her own right. She has mastered the process of business and the operational systems you’ll need. She speaks on practical steps and how-tos. She is rich in wisdom while offering plenty of grace and will love you to the moon and back. She has leaned into her hard story and has a considerable amount of understanding of her personal and professional hang-ups, which allows her to be greatly empathetic to yours. She has a natural gift for encouragement and needless to say, she leads well in a variety of biblical, personal, and business areas, of which almost all are needed in operating a kingdom business.

Where she lacks: Although she is biblical in her heart and speech, her language for supernatural or prophetic things is more than likely lacking, As a Christian leader within the business realm, this is where she excels and, as a result of most of her time being invested in this area, she is more than likely lacking in the anointing, which comes from extensive inner healing and spiritual breakthroughs. As a result, when leading a prophetic type, she may be unable to offer breakthroughs in some of the key areas her prophetic clients or mentorees experience, which is imperative for them to thrive within their own calling and ministry. She is, and more than likely has been, a success due to the fact she has identified the gifts God naturally blessed her with and operates in them well. However, she would be better served in overcoming generational and personal strongholds to gain the leverage she needs to operate from a greater authentic kingdom perspective.

The Supernatural Practical Steps and Systems Woman. 

Her strengths: She is not just a leader, she is a warrior. She is covered in the anointing. Her language speaks of deep places. She has labored and birthed great inner healing and breakthroughs. She may even be at the point of walking others through their own trauma, pain, and deliverance. Her discernment is strong and if she is anointed to lead you, she will align with God’s vision for you and may even have what it takes for you to complete your current assignment or walk into your next. She will have the profound ability to speak life into your calling and direct you in His ways. She operates within the supernatural, has words of knowledge, more than likely has the gift of tongues, and flows in the prophetic.

Where she lacks: Because she excels greatly in the supernatural she may not have the business skills, processes, and systems that you, as a prophetic woman called to entrepreneurship, will need. She is either not called to be an entrepreneur or she may already have a team established that does most of the day-to-day for her and as a result, she’s not super connected to the details you’re going to need in setting up and establishing practical business systems. To put it directly, business is either not her strong suit or she has not invested the time to reach the level to lead in this capacity.

Business Savvy & Prophetic Christian Woman – The Hybrid.

This woman is seasoned in both the prophetic and business/ministry callings. She may be gifted in one or more of the seven mountain mandates. She has allowed the Spirit of God to lead her into both arenas and labored in both business and the supernatural. She offers breakthroughs in both areas as she’s invested the time in overcoming obstacles that have prevented her success and held her back. She understands how the supernatural works. She speaks both the language of business and the prophetic. She understands and operates in the giftings of the prophet and can help you not only identify but hone in on your business strengths. This woman fully sees you and calls out your potential in both realms of influence.

The downfall: This woman is hard to reach and has a tremendous amount of responsibility and little time. You will more than likely learn from her from a distance and yet, on occasion, God may place you directly within her inner circle.

All three of these types of women hold important roles for us in growing to higher ground. They have paved the way for you and me to climb up, where there is plenty of room at the top. They may have free resources, group coaching programs, podcasts, books, virtual and/or live events, courses, and one on one opportunities for you to grow and invest in your skills. Being sharp in your gift of discernment will help you land at the feet of the woman who has what you need.

Here are five questions I’ve developed to help you in the decision-making process of choosing the right fit for you.

Five questions to ask yourself before you dive in and sign up: 

  1. Lord, who have you prepared for me to glean from in this season?
  2. What are the strengths and gaps you want me to focus on right now and in the year to come?
  3. Is this a time to focus on my prophetic gifts, business, or both?
  4. Do you want me to invest financially and/or barter and trade?
  5. If I believe it’s time to connect and build with a woman who can coach/mentor me, how can I best prepare for the next steps?


I hope this information and the five questions help when the time comes for you to take your next steps to be mentored or coached.

One more bit for the road…

There may be times when you are sent to be among one of the three types of Christian women leaders for a variety of reasons. It’s possible you very well could be on assignment to serve her, cover her and prepare her while learning and gleaning for your own business or ministry. God is very specific about when and where he places his people on assignment, especially his prophets. He will lead you, guide you, and release you.

Be well, my sister, as you step into new territories. You will be blessed to be obedient and faithful in your servanthood.

For those of you living out your bravest story, keep on! 

– Cassie



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