May 22, 2022

Follow Me — An Altering Call for the Brave

The altar call.

The idea of it has really got to me for months now. I understand the respect that it is due. I understand the potential power that it holds. And yet, I see and feel the boredom, exasperation, and dullness it has thwarted towards those who have sat through one too many – longing for change and yet left the building once again without the power of the throne. 

This shifted me to thinking about the heart of God.

And I began to ask, what is the altering (developing and growing) call He has put out for his people in this season? What is his heart desiring for the course of our nation on a micro-level for the family unit, the mom, dad, sister, brother, their children, grandchildren, friends, and those like them?

What is His call for this generation that has been overfed information? This growing overfed generation that has left the church looking for more or better yet, occasionally set on Sunday longing to be touched by His power and presence? What is His heart for the generation who, as little ones gave their lives to him, once thought they knew him, but find themselves lost in wander? Those whose children have literally lost their mind or, their gender. Those whose children are on their way down a dark road, or their first, second, or third marriage on the brink of failure.

What will make our generation different than the ones who came before us? What torch will we carry that they did not, or have not yet? 

What altering call will we say yes to? 

And I wonder if it simply (and not so simply) boils down to the posture of our heart. The pure pursuit and longing expectation of the fire to be released. 

A brave and unsettled demand for more. 

The resilient reliance that Holy and Righteous change can belong to us. That hardened and bitter hearts can become tender once again. That reluctant misgiving and precarious uncertainty will be replaced with courage, obedience, and bold unwavering faith. That the spirit of rebellion will lose its grip and be replaced with a revolution and uprising of purification into the arms of the Almighty. 

Follow Me..

A call that evokes a heart of courage and alters the trajectory of your current course. 

One that requires continued surrender…

Laying down our hurts, disappointments, and fears and picking up faith in the One we do not fully understand because we may never have experienced Him or experienced very little of Him. 

A brave resounding yes to, a leveling up, a rising up, a new assignment. 

A new fire. A new oil. A new anointing — worthy to hold his Glory. Worthy to activate His gifts and Spirit within us. Worthy to activate change. Worthy to heal. Worthy to renew. Worthy of reform. 

And I wonder, if we do not say yes to holding this space and carrying this torch, how will our children become to know it? 

This is the inviting space where the brave gather. Stepping out to fuel our generation for what’s here and what’s to come.

Are you in?

– Cassie


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