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A Grand Adventure: Evoking the Imagination of Our Littles

Trips to the local bakery to buy a cookie and a good book filled with grand adventures were just a couple of ways I kept our minds distracted from our hectic schedule and often chaotic transitions.

She was just eighteen months old. A toddling little toddler at an impressionable age. And she no longer had her mom and dad under the same roof.


It brought us together. Fed us hope, giggles, and rest after a long busy day.

A good book can do that for you.

It’s a generous invitation that evokes the imagination and helps keep our dreams alive. And through the many years of raising her, we had plenty of need for both.

I recently got an invitation, from my friend and podcaster, Terrie Hellard Brown, to talk about some of my favorite books that got my girl and me through some of our best and hardest days. We also talked of good books single parents might want to check out and books I recommend to some of my single mom clients.

Our chat took a slight detour when Terrie couldn’t help herself and asked how I felt the church was doing in accepting, nurturing, and being there for single moms. She didn’t know it, but that is a favorite can of worms I like to open.

To listen in on the full conversation, hear my answer to her ‘churchy’ question, and the full list of books click here: Episode #16, Single Parent Life with Cassie Rajewich.

It was a pure delight to be a guest on the Books that Spark Podcast.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

‘Till next time,

-Cassie ♥️




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