Helping You Pivot Through Adversity and The Secret Sauce to Turning It All Around

Let’s be honest, easy and convenient are what we work for. We work hard so life can be easy. A pivot through adversity? Hardly fits the definition of convenient.

So it seems quite fitting to say, pivoting through adversity as a single mom sounds a bit like being thrown into a never-ending nightmare.

While your pivot may be personal or professional or both, I would suggest, for the most part (and from personal experience) the percentage of those who have what it takes to pivot through adversity and bravely step into the uncertainty is….

Itty-bitty, my friend. Itty-bitty.

For the sake of this post, let’s assume you’ve already done your homework and made the hard decision to pivot over persevering.

Or perhaps your pivot is part of the perseverance?

Either way, you are the brave single mom who’s got the audacity to grab life by the horns, go rogue, and tackle the big pivot during a crisis of any sort.

I’ve had a few pivoting moments in my life, both personal and professional. One of those occurred just after September 11th. And while I am no expert, I do believe I have a few treasures to share with you.

Through the process of picking the brains of my more brilliant-minded friends and rummaging through my own backyard, here are four golden tips to help you plunge into a pivot of your very own.


This may seem obvious, but it’s also one of the most difficult places to arrive when facing a quick change in the middle of hard times.

Are you gonna turn it all around and do something new or different?

This is the space you decide if you’re in or out.

If getting into the mental game seems hard enough, staying there is even harder.

What words best describe the mindset of those in the game?







If you don’t have them on your way in, you’ll be sure to find them on your journey.


This can be the fun part. If you’ve done all your research, and you’re in the mental game, you’re better positioned to sit down to begin the process of creating your step-by-step plan — of action.

So what is it? What will you do? What are other people doing or have done? This is the space for thinking outside the box. This is not the space for deciding a definitive outcome. Here is where you need to establish small, practical output-based steps that will lead to a bigger outcome.

Creating a plan is the place where you finalize your direction. It’s the place where you decide on your course of action.

Two key factors in creating a good plan?

Research and listening.

The category of your pivot will depend on the direction you’ll generously lend your ear.

Your audience. Your clients. The direction and flow of the economy. God’s heart. Your heart. Your children. Your finances.

Collectively, what are they saying? What do they need?


When you step out and take action, something really freakin’ awesome happens. This is where doors of opportunity open. And where they close. The rubber meets the road here.

Faith, trust, and hope are also built within the walls of taking action. It also develops momentum and lays the foundation and mindset that you are a doer, getting things done.


I’ve added resilience because after we take action it seems all hell can break loose. Faith in your process and resiliency in the plan is what is going to help you get to your end goal. Like I said, doors are going to open. And doors are going to close.

Being resilient will help you overcome those wrong-door moments. Being resilient will help you notice it’s not failure but rather the process of winning.


All of the above is quite the feat to do. And doing it alone? Much harder.

So let me ask you this: Who’s on your team?

Who in your life believes in your ability to not only dream big but also believes you have the uncanny ability to steadily turn the ship around and live out the purpose in your heart?

If you’re coming up blank in the dreaming big category of friends, don’t stay there long.

Go find them. At the least? Go find one.

In all my pivots and calls to action, God has been faithful to not leave me alone. For a time it may be Him and only Him, but when I have been stuck, he has been sure to show up! Be open and discerning to what this might look like for you. I trust you will find exactly who, and what, you need.

So what’s the secret sauce to pivot through adversity?

Do not be afraid.


Fear not, my friend. (check out my blog post Four Lessons Fear Has Taught Me if you need an extra boost in this department.)

Stepping into change, uncertainty and inconvenience can deliver a frightening recipe sure to bring intimidation, and hair-raising challenges.

And yet, I can assure you, if you are feeling called to move in this pivot, and you have tested this to be true, you will have what you need. Even if your pivot takes a pivot. I have always been honored in moving forward over staying put because of fear.

So dip in my friend. Dip into the call of being bold, courageous, and fearless.

’till next time,

– Cassie ♥️




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