A Call Into the Wild: Trusting His Truth to Guide You Through the Wilderness

A Call Into the Wild: Trust God’s Truth to Guide You Through the Wilderness

This is an invitation. A call for those in the wilderness. Trust God’s truth to guide you through.

As the global health and economic pandemic escalate, so are your concerns about your livelihood and ability to survive this crisis at a time when you were already facing catastrophic shifts.

Custody battles, separation, and divorce are unplanned events that can leave your soul parched and your land desolate during what may feel like a season of wilderness in a thirsty desert. 

Uncultivated and uncertain places can be scary, especially if you are alone. But God promises that He will comfort you and will turn your wasteland into a garden of joy.

Indeed, the LORD will comfort Zion; He will comfort all her waste places And her wilderness He will make like Eden, And her desert like the garden of the LORD; Joy and gladness will be found in her, Thanksgiving and sound of a melody. ~ Isaiah 51:3, NKJV

Mama, negative feelings around your ability to manage a household through difficult times can disrupt personal thoughts or beliefs about yourself. You may even deem yourself incapable of the discipline that is required to journey the wilderness alone.

Do you desire full restoration and recovery, but doubt if you can get you there safely?

Do you harbor a false perception of self that causes you to abandon God’s truth in exchange for a lie?

God wants you to know that believing self-defeating lies are blocking your progress. It’s time to align your belief system with His comforting truth.

Trusting God’s truth takes time. Are you ready to go deeper?

Here are nine truths to guide you through your wilderness.

1. Debunk the lies

Expose every wild and untamed lie because you have the power of God’s truth to stand on. Who He says you are, you are. And what He said He will do for you, He will do. There is strength in exchanging lies for new territories of righteousness unleashed through the beauty and splendor of His glorious truth. You can and will gain new ground if you do not give up or give in to the system and structure of lies stating that you won’t make it out of this alive. Yes, you have endured hardship, but He will make provision for you and your family.

2. Suffer no more

For a while you have suffered, but He will restore you and bring you back as if you were a wife abandoned and deserted in her youth (Isaiah 54:6). He will not leave you and your children alone in the wilderness. Your family is crossing new ground and rough terrain for a reason and it will all make sense in due time. Stay the course. Survive the wilderness season and He will reveal to you the worth behind the why. Trust Him to recover all.

3. Trust in His Word

He promises that He will not leave you empty and void of substance but will fill you with the joy of His everlasting love. My sister, will you trust Him with your life? Will you relinquish the lies so He can fill you with living waters of His truth that will overflow into all areas of your dry and parched soul? 

Let Him in. 

Let Him stay. 

Allow Him to do what needs to be done for your complete recovery. All is not lost.

4. Recover what you lost

Find freedom in knowing that the lies of your childhood and the suffering of your adulthood will bring order to misplaced judgment and self-criticism.

Mama, you survived it all.

You are still here and by the end of your wilderness journey, you will see that it all worked out for your good and that nothing lost could not be recovered. You are a great mom and those who caused you to believe differently will pay the cost of seeing you set free from unrighteous judgment.

5. Wear your crown of righteousness

The judgment of the unrighteous may be placed upon you by those who despise you, but God will crown you with righteousness and set you high above your former ways and days. Your well was dry and your land was desolate, but no more sadness will come from your windows and no more crying will be heard at your front door. The tears you wept have created rivers of running water throughout your land, nurturing seeds planted with God’s Word and producing a fruitful harvest for you and your family. This is what it feels like when we trust God’s truth to increase our fruit.

6. Give God what you have left

God will restore your value and increase what remains. Give Him what you have left so that He can blow on it and multiply what you lost in damages from your wilderness season. He will give you joy and peace for your suffering and He will repay you all that was lost in seasons of false identities placed upon you by pretenders of faith. They were not sent by God but from your enemy to keep you lost and afraid to pursue purpose. All
destiny diverters must answer in due season, but for now, God wants you to shine your light upon those in darkness.

7. Carry the torch of truth

God’s word is truth and light. Carry this torch of truth with you wherever you go and when eyes are upon it, people will see the One True God in the flames. You are a tower of light in dark places. Seasons around you will change, but the light He has placed in you will shine in the true and righteous knowledge of who you are in Christ Jesus. This is your torch of certainty illuminating the path that will shift your family from the wilderness to Eden.

8. Walk out of the wilderness a new being in Christ Jesus

Forever in the desert will no longer be your lot, but freedom in faith will be your new venture. As you move forward with Jesus, joy will be the path you take as He changes your dry land into the garden of Eden. Search for Him and you will find Him. Live with Him and He shall give you bountiful rest from all that has kept you weary and doubtful. What you believed about yourself was based on unsound judgment and faulty reasoning. These lies were the fallacies behind your thoughts of failure and mistaken identity. But you are now a new being in Christ.

9. Rebuild what was destroyed

Cancel the assignment of lies. Not another one can be spoken without first answering to God. Clear the pathway leading you to your new territory gained by faith. Reach these heights of joy through the promises of His word. Love and live in truth like you mean it so that when Jesus comes for you, He will not find you empty and doubtful, but full of life that overflows with gladness and belief in God’s word.

Don’t give up Mama.

Trust God’s truth. It isn’t easy, I know. Often times it seems to go against all our human logic. But believe me, when I say, you are who God says you are and you will recover all.


Korsha is a writer and survivor who found Wild Sister Warriors, a tribe of women who are not afraid to enter the wild for intense and necessary experiences with The Father. The wilderness is a place of isolation for preparation. It was a wilderness experience that called Korsha’s heart back to her one true love, Jesus Christ. It’s where God intensely refined her and she emerged a mighty warrior, ready to help women navigate their journey to and through the wild. Her desire is to provide resources to women and children with complex trauma and restore family values into communities. Connect with Korsha on Facebook or Instagram.



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