What Are the Experts Saying About Single Moms and Their Career Choices? Check Out These Five Articles to Learn More.

One of, if not, THE biggest stressor in my single motherhood journey was the idea of figuring out who I wanted to be when I grow up. I was working at a local sandwich shop making less than five dollars an hour when I first learned I would be expecting a bundle of bouncing joy in the fall. I knew then that who I wanted to be was coming much sooner than later and I needed to do some serious thinking — fast!

But the big questions of what career I should choose as a single mom kept looming…

What was I going to do? What was I most interested in? What would pay enough to get me off the revolving door of government assistance and on my feet for good? Not to forget about child care, insurance, and 401K plans.

Does all of this sound familiar to you?

Have you been wondering what you want to be when you grow up? Do you have a job but need a career and thinking about going back to school? Maybe you are planning to grow your income and afraid of relying too long on child support. Or maybe you are like me and know that depending on child support simply isn’t an option.

Whatever your reasons for needing to step your game up and bring in the cash to support your little(s) like the big Boss Lady you are, I went on the hunt and dug up these top five articles just for you! So that you can read what the online experts have to say about single moms and the career options that may suit your needs best.

Here’s what I found…

  1. My favorite and number one article is Best highly paid work-from-home jobs and careers for single moms by Wealthy Single Mommy, Emma Johnson. Emma goes into great depth not just talking about career opportunities but also reliable online sources to job hunt like Flexjobs.com. She goes above and beyond digging up the info you need. She’s basically hand delivering to you on a silver platter the statistics and facts of making money as a single mom. She also encourages you to do what you love but also making good money to support your family as a single mom.
  2. Forbes came out with a pretty good article, Best Jobs for Single Moms. The article doesn’t offer a whole lot of options but does offer good insight on what a single mom should look for in the interview process. Giving excellent advice with specific pointers when making the big decision of who to chose as your employer. Making the recommendation that you choose wisely a company that will serve your needs as a single mom with flexibility and an occasional dose of grace.
  3. Singlemoms.org’s article The 11 Best Jobs For Single Mothers is cut and dry and straight to the point. Doing just what the title suggests. Offering a wide variety of options but still sticking to some of the same ideas as most of the other articles.
  4. A very simple read with only five career options, Modern Mom’s article Best Careers for Single Moms is a basic read but backs up and supports the rest of the articles out there. Making you feel more confident in what the current market has to offer.
  5. I almost didn’t include this last article by TheSingleMother.com in the bunch but the author had some good insight and encouragement. They also make solid points in helping you think through and decide on what direction is best for you. The hang up on this article was in doing research on my phone. I couldn’t keep reading without entering my email. EERRR. The stubborn side of me insisted to not fall for it and gave them poohbear@gmail.com as my email. I may or may not had just finished watching the recent movie, Christopher Robin. Regardless, if you can get beyond this section, I think this article has plenty of good insight to be included in the ranks. Also, I didn’t have the problem on my laptop just my cell.

In addition to all the listed advice from the experts..

During the years I have journeyed in my education and career, I have been given a variety of advice from teachers, to friends, to parents and bosses. What I took from most of this advice and what I can offer to you, as my friend, is to follow your heart.

And yes, I understand there is a fine line between the balance of lisening to your heart and the practical steps of making a decision.

My life, thus far, seems to be broken down into seasons of classrooms, growth spurts and often set backs.

Each has taken time, patience, a steep learning curve, and money. With almost all, even the mistakes, I’ve received a solid return on my investment.

But when I have followed my heart, I found that even my perceived mistakes took me for a turn that led me to the next opportunity. This has proven true in my jobs, careers, education, and relationships.

Your journey is a process. Depending on how much emotional and educational growth you need the learning curve could be sharper than some. The market out there demands a high functioning participant if it is going to pay a high premium income. So ask yourself what it is you are prepared for. What are you willing to grow toward and produce for you and your family?

My final advice for your single mom career choice?

If you hear anything out of this post please hear that your journey and story have already been written. It’s debatable, but I honestly question if one can default that. Who you are supposed to be when you grow up has already been decided by a loving God. He handpicked you to raise your babies, however little and big they may be. And he knew what it would take for you to do that.

So get in a quiet place. Do your research. Listen to your heart. Be not afraid of the time or journey you will venture on to land you where your heart desires to go.

When you create a plan and dive in, doors and opportunities open regardless of uncertainty, finances, child care and the support you wish you had. I have seen it over and over from so many of the single moms who have paved the way before you, including myself.

Go BIG mama! Go BIG!

’till next time,


I help single moms get organized and focused in the messy places that often come from landing in single motherhood. If you need extra support processing the best route in your education or career choice or help in creating a solid plan with the flexibility you need, contact me here.


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