September 7, 2018


Hey there!

I’m so glad you stopped by. How are you?

You may find it’s been a little quiet around here for a bit. Summer had me resting, resting right into a due date of a baby girl!

A new baby is a sweet, sweet thing. 

I am thankful for a husband who supports me in supporting you and 100% behind me being able to stay home and do what I love — serving single mommas. This is a gift to me that I have been able to share with you.

It also allows me the flexibility to take the time needed with my family.

So, as I step away to enjoy this baby phase, please take the time to catch up on any reads on the blog you may have missed.

I am taking applications to add two additional clients when I come back. If you are curious about working with me and want to learn more, click here.

You can also get support from our free Facebook Group, The Single Moms Mastery. I will be in and out of the group and I have some great admins there to support you. This is a small community of single moms. Supporting one another.

Before I wrap this up, I would love to hear from you.

I want you to know your story is important to me. Your journey a delight!

How can I serve you better? If it’s not working one of one with you, what do you need? What hot topics are you currently looking to grow in?

Please consider taking a few minutes to share your thoughts by clicking here.

I absolutely desire to serve you the best I can!

~ Cassie


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