June 12, 2018

Hello Summer

One of my favorite seasons has finally arrived. That time of year we reflect midway. Another school year completed, what went well, what needs to change and lot’s and lot’s of rest.

Hello summer. Welcome rest.

It’s a time to soak in the accomplishments and relax from the hard work completed. Spend some lecture-free time with the big girl and play more with the little.

Since leaving my previous career and moving into this new place in life, blending a family, sharing my heart online and mentoring single moms, I have been given the flexibility to follow the school year and break when the kids do.

In a sense, regardless of our time off, careers, work schedules, or summer school, there is just something absolutely sweet about summer. The season simply invites us to rest and enjoy the fruit of our hard work.

I encourage you to find the space to do the same. In all the little and big ways you can.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Take a mental rest from all your stress. There is a chance that some things could work their way out without your extra worry. Life has a way of doing that.
  2. Create more movie nights, eat all the yummy foods you say “no” to, stay up late and don’t be so concerned with a routine. It’s summer.
  3. Take a Friday or Monday off and make it a three day weekend. Do NOTHING. Laugh a lot more. Forget about the messy garage, long to do list and what needs to be fixed around the house.
  4. Facebook Market has lots of used and reasonably priced toys. I recently purchased 6 puzzles and 10 books from a gal for less than $20. It’s the most simple and easy things that can be done for very little that the kids enjoy.
  5. I feel the need to say this again. For a couple months or several weeks, put away your worries AND guilt. Being a single mom seems like there is no time to NOT carry the weight, worry or if only’s. But let this be the time. Create the space mentally, emotionally and physically to be the most present. You will be glad you did, especially when this season of raising these precious babes is up and you’d give so much to do it over.

So what will I be doing? 

Well, I won’t be blogging here. Instead, I’ll be making every effort to do the same as above, in addition to working on a few items I need to get done before the baby arrives.

Didn’t know there was a baby coming? See here…

I’m also working on a signature program that I wanted to be completed and launched last fall, but instead, I decided the timing was off. Branding and content creation is on the to-do list for July, to name a few.

As you know, raising a family is hard work. Blending one is a different level of hard work. It has taken lot’s of quiet time, self-reflection, and intentional presence as well as a team of support from every direction.

Needless to say, our over exhausted spirits need rest and rejuvenation. Summer is a perfect time.

In this crazy world of too much busyness and too much pressure of mounting must haves and must do’s, I invite you to join me and hope you say, “Yes!”.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to connect and if you haven’t already joined, come on over to The Single Moms Mastery, where we’ll be hanging out and supporting one another throughout the summer. You would be more than welcomed!


There are a few openings for select private coaching applications I’ll be taking. If you’re interested in a discovery call or want to know more about working with me privately contact me here for details

*I have been encouraged to step away and welcome this break from Michele Cushatt, a gal I admire greatly. You can check out her blog, books, and resources here.


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