Do You Know Where You Are — In Christ?

Summer 2007, heading up and over one of the big mountain tops on my way to Vegas for a five-year stretch, I felt the stir of adventure and excitement. The people I would meet, the foods I would eat and the many adventures I would discover.

But that moment of excitement and ponder was hastily interrupted by these words.

Don’t forget why you are here.

This settled whisper that landed pretty deep was to no surprise.

It was a follow-up statement and a slight reminder. From a conversation a few months back. When, for the first time ever, I honestly asked God where he wanted me. It was a time of transition and I knew I had been overtly exhausted due to my own determinations.

I was hoping to make a move to the Bay Area of California, but to my sadness, I was divinely redirected to Las Vegas.

Like a reprimanded puppy with her tail between her legs, I obediently went.

For the next three years, in and out of my many adventures, mishaps, and abundance of shenanigans, I would adamantly ask this question, “Lord, why am I here? I haven’t forgotten your words”.

Today, I want to ask you a similar set of questions.

Do you know in which season God has planted you? Are you where He wants you to be or in your own determination? Do you know why you are there?

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 talks about seasons in life, “For everything, there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted…”

The verse continues on with a list of descriptions most of us have experienced.

Times of hurt, mourning, mending, laughing. Times of breaking down and building up, love and hate, peace and war. In order to experience this, we’ve had to have landed here or been planted.

Oftentimes, on the road of life, we find solace in blaming someone or even taking on too much of the blame for the season we find ourselves in. But in reflection, each of our seasons is imperative to a journey refining us into something much richer than when we began.

This is not said to lessen the sting of any given extension of time, nor to reduce the joy that comes with the savory freedom of being released from a hard season.

It is said and asked so that our eyes are opened to a bigger purpose.

If you are finding it hard to find the intent of your placement, I can assure you there is. Beyond that, I encourage you to not only fully understand who you are in Christ but where he has strategically placed you in order for growth.

When we understand our location it’s easier to navigate through the landscape.

The transportation and resources needed to get you through successfully. The prayers, the friends, the finances. Getting to this understanding takes purposeful and sought out insight.

It takes intentional quiet space.

And yes, as a single mom you can create this.

You were created for a purpose.

There is no mistake in your single motherhood nor the location you are positioned in. Make every effort to not passively live this life you have been given. Do not wait for one particular thing to occur or for someone to walk into your life.

Partner with a Life-giving God. Engage in conversations with him. Ask those hard questions and expect answers.

Had I not made space to continue, what turned out to be a four-year conversation, I wonder what the desires of my heart would be today. Had I not made room for God to lead, what years would I have wasted? What opportunities wouldn’t I have noticed?

So it is with you, friend. You are no different. The years gained and years wasted. Missed opportunities. Growth and loss. Gained rewards. They are yours too!

If you want to continue this conversation please contact me here or leave a comment below.

’till next time friend,



  1. Bess

    Beautiful Cassie, you wrote this for me! How did you know how badly I needed to read this today? For encouragement, for confirmation! This is the cry of my heart right now (wanting to glean from this incredibly hard season I feel that I have been placed in!) and He is calling me in …closer, deeper, more intimately with Him because of it… and I’m frustrated because I feel like He’s so silent on so many things right now. Thank you so much for reminding me of all this… I know you don’t necessarily write for me, but, oh how I love your blog!

    • Cassie Rajewich

      Bess, Why haven’t I replied!!? I love your words, he is calling you in closer. It is an honor to be drawn in so close and such a cost we pay! I pray since you wrote this you have heard his whispers become louder and his presence much closer! Love you, friend!


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