Five Single Mom Secrets to Bridging the Gap and Building Your Income

You might dive in and find these five single mom secrets to bridging the gap and building your income not much of a surprise.

You might even dig in here a bit and find yourself disappointed.

These five secrets are secrets because, in a time when more and more are desiring instant results, these old-fashioned gems remain sound and solid.

If you’re a momma who’s solo parenting while trying to build your income, if you’re looking for purpose while trying to making more money to pay the bills and build a life; I’m going to challenge you to consistently put these to the test. Your long-term results will supersede any quick fix, overcome the dread of an unhappy future and beat the odds of poverty.

Prior to plunging in here, let’s be clear on a couple things that qualify me to offer you these five single mom secrets.

When I first learned I was pregnant at twenty-two, I was working at a sandwich shop, impressively making $4.25 an hour as a cashier, and slowly chipping away at a local community college. I had taken the same math class THREE times – that’s not a typo – and I spent most of my money on VERY unnecessary items that should remain unnamed for good purposes.

It’s enough to say I was an overachiever with a strong desire to make my family proud. And I wasn’t using any of the below-mentioned items.

Now that that is said, these are the four jewels I would later use to launch myself permanently out of the welfare office, to land in a fortune 5oo company, dependent of myself and climbing up the ladder of hope:

  1. Identify & Understand Your Resources & Assets. What are your natural gifts? What do you have that no one can take away? What are your strengths and gifts to offer this world and how do they set you apart? Blend this with the abundance of resources at your fingertips. Find them. Dig them up. Discover them or create them. But know them both. It’s important. It’s a must.
  2. Listen to Your Heart. This actually might be the hardest one of the four. A result of too much noise, this could take weeks, months or years to really hear what you are looking for. Ask yourself those hard questions and expect an answer. Get quiet. Get alone. Depending on your personality and season in life this could take time and will take intentional effort.
  3. Find Solutions. The best of the best can tell the difference between a roadblock and a purposefully closed door. Your job is to become an expert at not making excuses but finding a solution.
  4. Face Your Fears. Fear is a necessary engine to launch us forward. I’ve often thought if it weren’t present, would we ever consider a change? Fear of our future, fear of not being able to afford those important things we desire for our children, fear of being unhappy, unprovided for, and lost in life with no direction or purpose. Fear is healthy. Use your fears to guide you toward your dreams.
  5. Maintaining the Pursuit of Persistence. There is really no such thing as quitting. You are either relentlessly pursuing the good life or you are passively allowing life to choose for you. Either way, you get up and go through your day. What’s it going to be? I encourage you to maintain a position and passionately pursue it.

These are simply a few ideas and not the whole slice of the pie. These alone will get you far but we all know as single moms we need community and support. Moving up the ladder isn’t done overnight and it’s not done alone.

’till next time


Are you struggling to get launched toward the sweet life? Between all your responsibilities, are you feeling like maybe you don’t have it in you to pursue something you know you were created to do? Drop me a line here or leave a comment below. I would love to hear more.


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