November 20, 2017

A List of 40 Things I am Most Grateful for at 40

Because it’s Thanksgiving and because I turn FORTY, this Friday to be exact, I’m hand delivering a list of FORTY items I am most grateful for —today.

Whatever life has you busy doing, stop for a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and sit right here to chat it up about what makes us grateful.

After reading my list be sure to write your own or share your heart of gratitude with a friend or loved one.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my list of most grateful items from the four decades I’ve been blessed to learn and grow in this place called — earth.

  1. Target. I can randomly find small doses of happiness sprinkled throughout that place

  2. The ability to work hard. Graced with life, I would hate to wake up one day and have wasted it

  3. A good movie

  4. God. He saved me

  5. Lipstick. Cause it just makes me feel a little bit prettier

  6. Sunsets

  7. The mountains. Reminder there is something bigger than me

  8. Tears. They are like the cleansing mechanism of the soul

  9. An entire bottle of wine. Cause life wasn’t meant to be so hard

  10. All four seasons. I compare this to life. It should never remain the same

  11. Pain. It has refined me

  12. Underwear. Cause I just couldn’t imagine life without them

  13. Warm chocolate chip cookies

  14. Real authentic love. Better than a warm cup of joe

  15. My husband’s wisdom

  16. Mercy. For all who have loved me through all my many mistakes

  17. The gift of children. One of the top 3 treasures of this world

  18. Disappointments. They have driven me to be a better woman

  19. In N Out. Cause my family would starve on the many nights I don’t want to cook

  20. Friendships. Sustained me with laughter through many seasons

  21. The ocean. Need I say more?

  22. The story of my family

  23. My hairstylist. Many transformations have taken place in her chair

  24. Trees and their roots. They show me strength and the idea that we too have to dig deep

  25. Colors. Life would be boring without them. Right?

  26. The Bible. I have learned it is a life source

  27. Rain. Like tears, it’s cleansing to the soul

  28. Butterflies. They are so delicate and intricately designed, like us. Like life

  29. A failed marriage. Taught me to fiercely fight for life and family

  30. The present moment

  31. Horses. The strength and passion of a horse inspires me to live life to it’s fullest

  32. New shoes. Because a new pair of shoes brings a dose of happiness to my heart

  33. Debt. Gave me the desire to pursue a life of financial freedom

  34. Music

  35. My blow dryer

  36. Tacos. Happiness for a quick 30 minutes. Enough to reset my heart

  37. Mascara Mascara Mascara

  38. Coffee. I probably don’t need to say anything more

  39. My girls playing in the house. Laughter

  40. My weaknesses

That’s it. That’s my forty. For now.

What about you? Is your life at a place where finding gratitude in things is a struggle for you? Or have you come full circle and see the fruit that’s developed from your journey?

I would love to hear and support you in either place you might be sitting in. 


  1. Bess

    OH HOW I LOVE THIS POST! I too am grateful for so many of the things you listed here! You’re an Awesome gal, and I’m SO GLAD we’ve “met” … you make my life a better space! big hugs, Bess

    • Cassie Rajewich

      Thank you, Bess.
      How powerful are the simple basics of a grateful heart?!

      Love you!


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