June 1, 2017

Five Savvy Single Mom Blogs Leading the Pack and Producing BIG Results

Today I’m bringing to you five savvy single mom blogs leading the pack and setting the bar for women who are choosing to launch platforms providing applicable tools and resources to help single mothers navigate their journey.

In 2002 when I became a single mom the ability to connect with other single moms was almost absolutely impossible. Fortunately for me, my best friend since high school got knocked up two years before my — BIG WHOOPS!

She jokes to this day about how sad I was when she got pregnant thinking that she ruined our twenties with children! She is quick to remind me it was just a few short years later —we were rocking the tough journey of single motherhood together. I thank God to this day he gave me her friendship!

But regardless, we had our own lives to live. I moved on and attended college while my friend got busy building her income. It’s been over 15 years since those beginning days of depending on one another and a big reason why I began this journey of loving on single mommas.

It’s almost impossible to do this alone!

Currently, as a single mom, you can log onto your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or simply Google “single mom” and information shoots out at you at a whopping 118 M.P.H. But not all single moms blogging or on social media are providing applicable tools to help navigate the tough road managing life on your own with kids.

These five kick-ass women have paved the way. They are continuously raising the bar to those who wish to push through and weigh in on how to do things in the world of single moms, blogs, and podcasts.

Without further ado, here are five savvy women I’ve spotted the last few years that are continuously showing up and showing out.

Jennifer Maggio @ The Life of a Single Mom 

Jennifer tells a brave and bold story of relentlessly fighting her way through single motherhood. She was one of the first inspiring stories I came across when I began the journey of navigating my online platform and benchmarking success stories.  Her strength, passion, and authenticity to pursue the single mom heart are so very contagious.  She has built an amazing platform designed to offer the single mom real applicable tools to move out of mediocrity and into a lifestyle that produces quality results. Most recently, Jennifer launched Single Mom University. An online program geared towards educating, enhancing and empowering single moms by providing over 70 courses taught by leading industry professionals in the areas of finance, parenting and health and wellness and much more. In addition to everything else she is working on, thousands of women will be attending The National TLSM Single Mom’s conference birthed from the heart of her mission. The event is held in the fall and will have nationally recognized speakers on topics ranging from $5 meals to being successful at work and home.

Samantha Gregory @  Rich Single Momma

Samantha got her start in blogging as she began the hunt online to find blogs that helped single moms manage their finances. Because she had attained her financial success, she launched her blog to provide the support so many single moms are in desperate need of. Her clear and defining ability to lay out a plan is notable right off the bat. Although she runs a finance blog, she also covers topics ranging from parenting to personal travel. With nearly 18 years under her belt of being a single mom, her determination and candid ability to climb out of poverty landed her right among some of the top performing single mom bloggers. With similar background stories, I can appreciate Samantha’s achievements not simply in her career but her desires of ensuring her family didn’t become lost in the common statistics of a single parent household.

Alexa @ Single Moms Income 

Alexa has launched a successful blog focusing on single moms and finance.  I couldn’t find the exact year she began her blog, but it seems somewhere in 2012 or 2013. I love the transparency Alexa displayed in the very early stages of her blog and has continued to maintain. The amount of money she has made from blogging seems almost ridiculously unreal.  She laid out her exact numbers of income and her thoughts on how to grow her finances from the start of her blogging journey. Reading her posts brought back so many memories of my debt struggles and thinking through the process of tackling finances, education and a family as a single mom. If you are looking to be inspired and increase your household income, I highly recommend following Alexa on her journey to give back to other single moms the wealth of knowledge she has gained along the way. Reading her journaling from the start will give you hope in creating or continuing to pursue your financial success story. Her blog posts range from earning extra income, work at home jobs and money management.

Emma Johnson @ Wealthy Single Mommy

Emma Johnson tackles the professional single mom issues in her blog, podcast and, I believe, a freelance writer. Being in a five-year corporate career for a Fortune 500 company while being a single mom, I absolutely love ALL her topics. Her podcast is a must to check out. From the looks of her website, she doesn’t seem to be as hilariously funny as she is. Today, I listened to her August 26th of 2016 episode titled “Why are women so sanctimonious about laundry?”. Within five minutes of her convincingly selling her schpiel on outsourcing laundry, I was without a doubt convinced I could no longer afford to waste my valuable and precious time folding laundry. Emma’s candid approach and fast thinking dialogue give little doubt as to how she became one of the leading single mompreneurs.


 Brandi Dailey @ Thrive Single Moms 

Brandi Dailey of Thrive Single Moms has been working hard to produce some serious results on the local level for single moms in Redlands, California. Thrive Single Mom exists to engage, equip and empower single moms who have been struggling to get ahead a variety of reasons. From monthly events to one one one coaching and financial support, she and her team have made steady efforts to produce a quality system that will set each of their clients up for success. I had the opportunity to connect with Brandi recently, and I was most impressed with how locked into the vision and future advancements of Thrive Single Moms. She sends a strong voice to the community that there is very little that will get in the way of her and her team’s success in providing community-based resources to ensure single moms have what they need to thrive.


So there ya go! Five savvy gals that are rockin’ it online, in their communities and even nationwide. 

I would love to hear who some of your favorite single mom bloggers are. Who are you listening to that is having an impact on how you are navigating your single mom story? 




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