Encouragement; Permission to Dream

Sometimes we just need to take a break from the grind and hear something encouraging, sweet and deserving.

Because who is able to accomplish something great without being encouraged?

Few, my friend. Very few.


There was a time in my life I was very good at quitting. During high-school, I quit track and soccer. In that exact order.

Truth be told, if I’m digging a little deeper here, there were lots of things I quit in life.

  • I quit believing in myself
  • I quit trying
  • I quit imagining the possibilities
  • I quit loving myself

Thinking back to when I was a little girl…

My imagination ran to the wildest of places. One of my favorite childhood memories is that of me riding my pony, which was merely a saddle on a stand in a small 3 ft x 3 ft shed. But oh the miles I traveled while sitting on that pony, near the side of our little yellow house tucked deep in the woods. The Indians I chased and the cowboys I ran with were enough to solidify any cowgirls wildest dreams.

But somewhere along the way, somewhere between little girl land and those tumultuous teenage years…

I quit dreaming.

I stopped believing in endless possibilities and adventures fueled by ambition and aspiration. My once unlimited imagination had come to a place where I could no longer conceive an incredibly, beautiful life for myself.

And I sit here this week wondering, as I’ve asked you to consider trusting me and stepping out into this unfamiliar financial territory and challenge yourself to plan this incredible debt free life, if you have too.

If, in an honest and quiet place in your inner being, you think you have I’m here to tell you..

You’ve bought a high-priced premium lie of doubtful dreams.

Stop cashing it in. Cancel the lie and return it to the one that sold it to you.  

Is what I am saying resonating with you or are you someone who never lost yourself?

Maybe it wasn’t the same way I lost myself.

Perhaps you were an over-achiever, to begin with, or you did and did and did until you discovered what you were doing led you down a road that no longer carried the weight of your true identity.

It breaks my heart to think that some of us used to have more of this knowing, this passion, this inexplicable love and reverence for this gift of life and then to only forfeit it along the way.

But I’m telling you, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. We aren’t meant to live this mediocre, less than average, life.

Day in and day out.

Just watching the clock.

What does that look like for a single mom?

The same as anyone else.

You are a single mom. You are free to dream.

Lean into hope and a wild imagination of outcomes. Lean into life abundantly. With a tenacity that is contagious and perseverance, that is relentless. Lean in a little further and see what life hands you in return. I bet someone meets you along the way if they haven’t already. Life is sweet that way.

I would love to know what you quite trying in life. Were you a dreamer as a little kid or an analysis and strategy planner? How has that impacted your ability to break through to unfamiliar territories?



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