3 Free Things to Prepare You for Financial Freedom




During my ten years of being a single mom, besides earning a Bachelors in Communication Science, I think I also earned a doctorate in Frugal. I believe I may have acquired a double major in Thrifty & Just Don’t Spend.

It’s been over five years since my family screamed that debt free scream in our living room and I still fight the urge to recycle EVERY plastic baggy I come across in our home.

I remember the days I would buy a four pack of toilet paper for my family of two and it would last us TWO weeks! I think we must have been really busy and drinking little to no fluids because I am not sure how that happened.

Paper towels? Same thing. Only I would make one roll last us an entire a month. What?!

Although I have yet to delve into my debt free story, I hope to do that soon, I wanted to give you three powerful and awesome little jewels to help you right now. I want to keep you motivated in this debt free run you are on. So here are three FREE things you can do RIGHT now to get ready for a debt free life.

Ready? Let’s go!

  • Get in the right mindset: Take this debt free thing on 150%. Own it. Wear it like a high dollar fur coat. You don’t do fur? Then own it like the BEST energy saving car on the market. Reve that engine baby. Take this thing on like a boss in #beastmode. Don’t be taken down!!! Imagine your family debt free. Educate yourself on Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball plan. Take action. Get it? Got it? Call on me sister friend, if you need motivation! I will cheer you on and help you put the first steps in place to ensure you succeed. I will believe in you and your little family all the way to the debt-free finish line. I promise.
  • Put together a list of free stuff to do: this is super duper important because in order to pay off your debt you will need to lock down your finances and hold those dollars hostage in your bank account. In order to do that, you will need a list of things to do for free so you don’t reach into your purse for your debit card (because you have cut up your credit cards by now or will be doing that next 😉 ) to make your little munchkins happy. The word “no” will become your new best friend. Let’s practice. Say it with me….. “No. No. No”. But “yes” to these free things. Here is a quick list to help you get started:
    1. go on a hike
    2. have one of the kids do a scavenger hunt around the house or yard or park
    3. visit the library
    4. start a book club (w a used book or book you have already read) with friends or other single moms and their kids
    5. go through the house and donate items to give to other family’s that are in need
    6. make a gratitude book and write it in every day
    7. go for a walk and play a game of “I Spy”
    8. write a book
    9. visit friends or have a play date
    10. have a picnic in the back-yard or your favorite park and pretend you are of the Royal Family and everyone has a name or role to play.

Look! Ten things for free. I did that in ten seconds. Now you add ten more and customize to your family. Some of these ideas are a little cheesy. I know. But hilarious!! If you have a teen in the home they bring a whole different level of humor to the table and it could actually be really fun!

  • Start listening to Dave Ramsey: Click on the title of this link and start listening now. Yesterday. Last year. You have to do this. This is a must. And do it humbly. Don’t get all butt-hurt while listening and start to argue with the guru of financial freedom. If you are ready to take this journey, I know without-a-doubt, you will absolutely be motivated and encouraged by listening to his radio show. Now, if you haven’t already started listening to him, I will warn you, he is not the most precious in his delivery. But the wealth of knowledge he has for free? You can’t afford to miss it. And you can’t afford to get your emotions entangled in his delivery.

Alright, that’s a wrap on my weekly dose of wisdom.

Brought to you by my many years of financial failure. You’re welcome ;). So glad I could be of some help to you!

Now friend, please don’t let any more time be wasted. The last few blog posts we have talked about why, as girlfriends, we would rather talk about our deepest secrets than budget our financesthe emotions of getting out of debt, and last week I encouraged you to dream big. A big dream that you, single mom, could build a future for your family that is not weighed down by debt.

I believe in you. I will dream with you. I will walk with you. 

Take away:

To help you get in the right mindset and imagine the money you would have left over each month if it wasn’t going towards debt, tell me this: if you didn’t have ANY monthly payments going towards debt, besides rent or a mortgage, how much extra income would you have a month to save or invest in something important to you? A year from now? Three years from now?



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