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Let’s Get fired up, Together!

Get some real talk about an extraordinary God. 

From family life to our faith journey to business as mamas raising our children, I want to help you identify and root out what’s keeping you stuck and stopping you from stretching the boundary lines of your faith.

Somehow we’ve forgotten we serve a BIG God. The Author of the best stories and bravest heroes. I believe, to have an honorable adventure, you’ve got to trust the uncomfortable and welcome the inconvenience.

Here’s the deal 

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re wanting to…

make a profit as a speaker, writer, podcaster, launch a book, product or membership…


Let’s connect. 

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Let’s get you more clarity and
less nights stressing about that launch…

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Financial Coaching

Wanna start that Money Convo you’ve been putting off? Let’s step off the hamster wheel, and get started.

Have you been looking to streamline your coaching business?

Grab these 15 systems and start cutting cost today! 

The Podcast

Because… Faith wasn’t
meant to be boring.

Join me as we learn how to start getting excited about new (and maybe even scary!) adventures ….as I share and tackle the hard faith questions, and tell tales about what it could mean for us to really go big (and a little bit more feisty!) in our Christian faith.


Did someone say frank humor and candid conversations?


"Where others may slap some Jesus onto a secular program (so it qualifies as "Christian"), Cassie's entire approach is deeply spiritual. Step-by-step, she helps women stop wandering in their financial desert so they can live out their God-given legacy."

Cheri Gregory

"Talking to Cassie is like talking with your best friend. She is there with a keen listening ear. She is empathetic and sensitive to your needs. She encourages and motivates you, building you up and pulling you out of your hard times. Cassie helps you find the tools you need in order to transform yourself and remember that you are worthy and you matter!"

Leah Nelson | Teacher and mom of two sweet boys

"Hiring Cassie to be my financial coach is the best investment I’ve made in myself. Her humor lessons the pain of growth, and her gentle accountability is exactly what I needed to set and achieve goals. I have hope for my financial future and for the first time in my life, I have hope of retirement. I went from living paycheck to paycheck to finally having money saved and peace of mind. I am in the best financial situation that I have ever been from working with her. She genuinely cares and her authenticity allows me to communicate anything to her so that I can learn better ways to go about financial life."

Lacey Parker | founder of Helping Hands