Life can be messy. I don’t mean just the house with laundry, dinner, and dishes. There’s also crazy schedules, hectic work life, and shaky finances. Trying to get ahead of it all can be physically and emotionally draining. And that, my friends, is still an understatement.

This is why I have created this space. To offer single moms, like you, my heart and how-to advice to help with some of the most difficult and more complex topics I struggled with and still struggle with at times.

I understand that reading blogs and books aren’t always enough, and I know, from experience, having someone to help along the way can be super beneficial.

Here are a few of my coaching products, delivered in love, to meet your particular needs.

One-On-One Coaching

I designed this one-on-one coaching program for the single mother who needs more one-on-one time. Maybe you are more exhausted than you’d like to be or looking at making a BIG change. Maybe you are just entering the season of single motherhood. Maybe you are struggling with old mindsets, looking at a new career or re-careering, going back to school or carrying WAY too much debt. And you are overwhelmed by the idea of moving forward. Alone.

What to Expect:

  • A FREE 60-Minute Discovery Session to identify your needs and see if we are a good fit. If we are, we can then work together to decide on a flexible customized plan that would fit into your busy schedule.

Laser Coaching

Starting off with a 60-Minute FREE Consultation and ensuring we are a good fit for one another, laser coaching is designed for a short-term 3-6 month solution to help you reset and reboot. You and I will work together to create a plan that will allow you the extra support to carry out what is holding you back.

Each month will include a 30-Minute Brainstorming/Goal Setting session and ONE 15-minute session a week. Followed up with an email of the week’s agenda, what to expect, and any homework, if needed.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Mental Order and Home Organization for You to Remove the Stress and Anxiety of Being Pulled in 7,992 Different Directions
  • Time Management and Prioritizing to Help You Make Good Use of the Time You Have
  • Mastering the Messiness of Your Finances
  • Boundaries, Support in Identifying Areas of Need and Help in Carrying Them Out
  • Co-Parenting in Difficult Times and with a Difficult Ex

Private Group Coaching

At your choice of location, I offer small group coaching for organizations or groups of friends.

Order and organization are vital to a productive family lifestyle. My simple and easy approach to putting these two variables into play in the home will provide your single moms the tools they need so they can stop spinning their wheels and spend more time enjoying their family and do the things they love.  

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Healing the Heart of the Single Mom to Save the Heart of Her Family
  • Managing Your Finances on a Limited Income
  • Creating and Maintaining a Budget for the Single Mom Lifestyle
  • Creating an Action Plan for Household Order
  • A Plan of Action for Getting Your Children on a Schedule to Save You Time and Money
  • Preparing Your Children for College and The Process of Applying
  • How To Overcome Unforgiveness and The Bitter Bite of Resentment
  • Co-Parenting When It Seems Impossible
  • Re-Careering as a Single Mom and What You Need to Know

Single Moms Mastery: Discovering More of the Sweet Life

In the works! Stay tuned as I am currently designing a mastermind specifically created for the single mom.

One More Very Important thing……Cost

I understand finances can be a concern in preventing some to reach out for help. My promise to you, I will try my best to work with you on a fee based on your financial needs and meet you where you are. Please don’t let finances or busy schedules get in the way of your family’s journey to becoming better and your opportunity to succeed and grow as a woman and mom. 

For Further Information and Coaching Details:

If you have a topic in mind that is not mentioned above, please contact me below to discuss customizing a topic specific to your or your group needs.

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